Confessions Of A Fat Girl Dating A Skinny Guy

This blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations I have, and will face, being a fat girl dating a skinny guy.


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xo Annie

Anonymous asked: So, like 70% of girls that are categorized as "fat" by other people just look average to me. Is that weird?

Nope. We all have different idea of who is considered fat. So someone you find fat may not be considered fat to someone else.

xo Annie

Anonymous asked: Ok so I'm hoping you guys can offer some advice! First off, I'm an 18 year old plus size girl and have been talking to this guy online and through texting now for about 6-7 months. He's 24, a bigger guy, but I still am bigger than him. I guess because he's the first guy whose every really gotten to know and like me, and wants to meet, I'm scared that once he sees what I look like in person, he'll change his mind. We have sent pictures but I don't think he really knows how big I really am. Help?

It’s always nerve racking meeting someone in person, but you always want to be safe and make sure you don’t put yourself in a compromising position because at the end he is still a stranger and this will be your first time meeting this fella. Other than that if he’s seen photos of you, he knows what you look like, and there is nothing to worry about. And if you are just have a talk with him about, let him know that you don’t know if he realizes your size and how big you are in comparison to him, this will calm you down and give you the reassurance you need. Good Luck!

xo Annie

Anonymous asked: Hi I wanted to ask you for some dating advice. I'm a bigger Mexican girl and I've been crushing on a coworker who is tall, White and thin. There are no rules against dating a coworker in our company its mostly just frowned upon. I know he likes me in a friendly way but I'm not sure if he would be open to being more than just friends. I know of his ex's and they're all thin and petite and feel I can't compare. Any advice on how to navigate this situation?

Well if I were you I would feel out the situation, if you think he likes you in a more than a friend way then ask him out! Or tell him that you think he’s cute and if he ever wanted to go out you wouldn’t say no.

Keep it light and simple just in case he doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do for him it wont make it an awkward situation when you two work together. 

xo Annie!

niallsprettyravegirl asked: You guys are amazing and I find your blog soo beautiful and helpful! And its lifted my spirits of my self but I'm so confused about something.. Why is it that I find myself repulsive and gross looking but find other girls my size and bigger soo much more beautiful? Like why can't I wear my weight as good as they do? It gets to me a lot :/ any advice? xx

Honey, PREACH! I used to, and still do at times, feel that same way! Sometimes we as women see each other as competition, now this is not always a good thing because then we compare ourselves to others and wonder why we don’t look like them or why they look ‘better’. Also, some people are more photogenic than others.

Tyler and I recently attended a film showing and saw a plus size model, one who is VERY popular on tumblr, in person. And oh my, were we shocked. In person she looked very different than in the photographs she puts up on her website and on tumblr. It just went to show us that a lot of people play with angles and photograph different than what they actually look like in person. She didn’t look ugly or anything it was just she was larger than we were meant to believe from her photographs. 

Woman are beautiful because we all are different, there are so many different shapes, textures, colors, etc. Just because you don’t look like Sally So-and-so, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. You have to find the beauty in what you think are your flaws.

xo Annie

littlexxporcelainxxsinner asked: I met this guy and we go to college together, he is a foreign exchange student so he is currently learning English. Somehow I became a very good friend, he trusts me to the point of telling me deep secrets and even in a way flirting with me (then later ruining the moment with a joke). He has a really slim and toned body and I'm 22 yrs 5'0" with an awkward body, and a below average face, and ZERO self esteem. I don't think I am good enough for him so I stop myself from liking him. What do I do?

Uhm, stop trying to stop yourself from liking him, haha. It’s that simple! Just because you don’t see the beauty in yourself doesn’t mean that he doesn’t, sometimes we just need someone else to help us see the beauty within ourselves so that we are then able to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes. 

Also,we know a couple who was recently married that could barely speak to each other due to a language barrier, being that the woman could not speak English very well, and the man could not speak Spanish at ALL. Yet within one year of knowing each other they got married and six months after that they got pregnant. Love transcends language and cultures, if you feel a connection with him it is worth it to let him know how you feel and give it a try :)

xoxo Annie & Tyler

Anonymous asked: I met a guy online a couple months ago. And we are FINALLY meeting in a week! :) there are definitely feelings there. but he doesn't know that I am fat. I'm 5'2 and 135 pounds, should I tell him? I mean he has seen pictures of me, but I don't think he realizes that I am huge. :(

Hun, if he’s seen pictures and they are up to date and he’s seen AT LEAST one body pic he knows what to expect. Don’t let your body or your idea of what you look like hold you back from having fun or possibly meeting the love of your life!!!

xo Annie

kaileyandthediamonds asked: So I really love your account. Not to mention I'm jealous of the love you two share. I hope one day I can find someone who loves me for me. And to both of you, stay fabulous. xx

Thank you for your kind words, they are definitely appreciated <3

xo Annie