Confessions Of A Fat Girl Dating A Skinny Guy

This blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations I have, and will face, being a fat girl dating a skinny guy.

Anonymous asked: Okay so I have just recently begun to accept my body. I'm 15 at 200lbs and I'm very voluptuous *hurr flip* and I like this guy who's really skinny and he seems to feel the same and it just makes me so happy to see your blog. I adore it.

It’s always refreshing and it brings a smile to Annie’s and my face when we get messages like this from other adorable interweight couples. There is no shortage in the world of larger voluptuous ladies, and trust me when I say that there also is no shortage of men who would be proud to be seen holding hands with one.

- Tyler

alexblossomesnow asked: I love your blog it's helping

We love getting messages like this. We have no idea what we’re helping you with, but we feel good that we are.


saucy-alli-chill asked: Where are you?

We’re still here! We’ve been busy with preparing to move back to the Bay Area at the end of July. Additionally, I’m working two jobs and Annie is working almost non-stop, so we have very little time as of late to sit down and make posts, but we promise that we’ll do our best to start writing and posting more in the near future.


Anonymous asked: You two are so cute :3 I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures. Good luck with everything :3

Thank you, we have a lot more to come!

- Tyler

A few days ago I finally got to meet and hang out with my longtime friend, Sara. She and I have known each other for close to a decade, and despite living in the same state for most of that time, we didn’t actually meet in the flesh until the 5th of July. Sara has always been artistically inclined, whether it be hand-making animal masks, sketching, painting… this woman can make anything she sets her mind to, and I am continually amazed by her talent (I have one of her pieced and, trust me, it’s great). She’s been with her boyfriend Aaron for six years, and even moved to Texas to be with him (that right there is love, folks!), and the two are a gorgeous interweight couple much like Annie and I.

The three of us went to Olivera Street and then to Chinatown for delicious Chinese food, then back to Union Station before their train bore them away to San Bernardino. She also has a great blog that you should all follow, which can be found here (which is full of body positivity, Pokemon, humorous images, and lots of animals), and she has been a supporter of this blog almost from day one. She and Aaron had to leave back to Texas today, but I was so glad that I got to spend an afternoon with the lovely couple.

- Tyler


Sorry we’ve been so silent as of late, both of us have been pretty busy with work and each other that we haven’t had much time to post on here! But we both recently made an instagram so if you lovely people would like to keep up with us on there please feel free to follow us!

Annie’s Instagram: GhoulGirlAnnie 

I mainly post selfies and photos of cute things I’ve bought, like make-up  purses.

Tyler Instagram: GhoulishBoy

Many photos of local graffiti in and around the Los Angeles area, funny animals, cute photos, and a large array of animal photos.

xo Annie