Confessions Of A Fat Girl Dating A Skinny Guy

This blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations I have, and will face, being a fat girl dating a skinny guy.

"He Can Always Fuck A Fat Chick"

I went to a certain institute for fashion in downtown Los Angeles for a couple of years to get a degree in Digital Media, and I loved it. It was a place where I could freely express myself without the fear of being judged by others (of course, when you’re at a school where 90% of the people in your classes don’t even know who David Bowie is, it could get frustrating sometimes). Anyways, my major was one of the smallest in the school, with only about 20-30 students attending in a given quarter; because of this, you formed a close bond with your classmates… unless one of them was an asshole.

One such example was someone I’m going to call “Ethan.” Ethan had a tendency to pick on a specific student named Quincy, who was super fucking cool but incredibly shy. Ethan knew this and would go out of his way to torment the poor kid at any given opportunity. Before I was aware of how bad the harassment was, I was talking to him between classes about Quincy, as Quincy’s tendency to put himself down at any given moment was an issue not just for us fellow students, but also for members of the faculty.

Ethan told me how one day Quincy was complaining that he was 18 (or 19?) and still a virgin. Ethan said, “He goes to a school made-up mostly of girls. He could always just fuck a fat chick.”

Wait… what?

See, I’ve never been shy about my relationship with Annie, and wear her plus-sizedness like a badge of honor on my arm. The fellow students knew what she looked like (some even eventually met her), and Ethan was one of those people. The smile I had been wearing dropped from my face immediately. I turned, looked at him, and said, “What?!”

His reply? “Oh, sorry. I forgot who I was talking to.”

I had no reply. I was shocked, and it was one of the very few times in my life that I have ever truly been at a loss of words. I stood up and walked into class without looking at him, and I don’t recall saying more than five words to him after that incident.

Needless to say, my relationship with Ethan quickly deteriorated. Of course, it wasn’t just because of his out-of-place comment, but he eventually was banned from the campus due to inappropriate activity aimed at some of the female members of our major.

I think you should always stand up for the person who you’re with (within reason). So what if someone’s overweight, has a physical handicap, “looks weird,” or any other number of dumb reasons for someone to put somebody else down? You love that person for a reason, and you should never let any rude or negative comments about them slip idly by.

- Tyler


Another fat babe :v  Thinking about making a tumblr just for posting my art. I usually don’t show what I do, but seeing all that positive feedback was amazing! it´s so nice to see when your work is appreciated :)

This is so cute!


Another fat babe :v
Thinking about making a tumblr just for posting my art. I usually don’t show what I do, but seeing all that positive feedback was amazing! it´s so nice to see when your work is appreciated :)

This is so cute!

multicolour22 asked: more of a statement than an ask; well just wanted to say i made an account to follow your blog, think its great. keep it up!

Aww, thank you! That is quite the compliment!

xox Annie

beesknees10 asked: Wow, I just spent most of my day reading your blog! Weird, I know haha. I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and make an adorable couple :) Even though I sort of claim to be comfortable with my fat self, I've always thought that my dream guy would love me and overlook my "flaws" but you guys are making see things differently. Now I'm hoping to find someone who will absolutely love EVERY part of me:) So thank you. I wish you guys happiness!

You’ll find your perfect partner, they’re out there waiting for you just like you’re waiting for them! We’re glad you enjoy our blog and thank you for the kind words!

xo Annie

Anonymous asked: love your blog! me and my boyfriend are the same way! but my question is what do you say like as "dirty talk" because my boyfriend wants me to say more about my fat etc..but i don't really know what to say... if this is too personal im sorry!


Dirty talk can be difficult for a lot of folks, so it’s totally understandable if you’re not amazing at it right off the bat or if you get embarrassed trying to talk dirty. Men like knowing they’re doing a good job, one thing you can do is tell him how much you’re enjoying it! If you like a certain thing he is doing, like grabbing onto your thigh when he’s on top, let him know! In a seductive voice moan and tell him how much you enjoy it. Or if he isn’t doing something you like, ask him to, let him know how much you enjoy it when he does ____. He’ll love it!

Tyler also likes it when I say stuff about my body and size, An example of something you can say is; ” You look so small in between my big thighs”, “I love being on top of you and seeing how big I am compared to you”, “Oh no! Look how big my stomach is”, “I’m not too big for you, am I? Are you sure I’m not crushing you?”. Certain men enjoy being teased this is your time to have fun! Tease them, pick on them! “You’re so small! Look at your little waste compared to mine”, “I bet you love being with big girls, like me,so much more to grab onto”.

Another little hint that drives the boys crazy, squeeze yourself! Squeeze your tummy,jiggle it a bit. Don’t be afraid to be playful and jump around, let him see just how comfortable you are in front of him and how much you enjoy your body :)

xo Annie

fifth-column asked: Hi, this q is for Tyler, I want to date a skinny guy but I honestly think he'll be ashamed of me and his friends will make fun of him for dating me :( did that ever happen to you?

I’ve honestly never been ashamed of being seen with a larger girl in tow. My first couple of “serious relationships” were with skinnier girls, but that’s because I couldn’t really come to terms with being more attracted to larger girls; even while I was with them, I would think about being with someone who was curvy and plump, and since I’ve did start dating women with some meat on their bones, I haven’t looked back.

I’m not ashamed to be with a larger woman because there is no shame in being with a larger woman.

If his friends make fun of him for dating someone who’s larger, then they really aren’t his friends. And if he’s too caught up with how his friends are judging him over something so trivial, then he really isn’t the one for you. It’s like I said in my answer about fatphobia in the family; they’re not the ones who are with you, holding your hand, and kissing your face, so it really isn’t any of their business over who he dates (unless it’s someone who’s clearly a bad influence, which, trust me, you’re not).

The only time I’ve ever had someone mention anything about Annie’s weight to me was when my father made that dumb remark I mentioned yesterday. I have a group of friends that are in a band together, and when they’ve played in LA, they’ve stayed at Annie’s and my apartment. Not once have they ever said anything about her weight, whether it be in a positive or negative light, and they really have no reason to because they’re not dating her.

Hopefully you two can take the dive into a relationship together, and Annie and I are keeping our fingers crossed for you.

- Tyler

littlexxporcelainxxsinner asked: Thank you for the uplifting advice! Love your blog so much!! :)))

You’re welcome! We’re glad we could help :)

- Tyler

leonardology asked: Hey! So, I'm 17 and I'm a size 18. I'm going through a little crisis right now because all of my friends are getting boyfriends, and then there is me, who has literally never been kissed and never had a boyfriend. How do I find a guy that will accept me, fat and all? Literally, I have a better personality than pretty much all of the girls at my school (they are like blank walls....but they have killer bodies :( ), but I feel like no guy would want me because I'm big. So any advice?

You’re 17, you are so young! You have nothing to worry about, screw everyone else! You are a strong, beautiful individual and you strive to be different from everyone else.I know it’s hard sometimes not to feel pressure from the outside world and try to be like everyone else but sometimes it’s not meant to be. What if you had a bf and he was the biggest dickhead you’d ever met and he constantly annoyed the fuck out of you? That would be horrible! 

I’d never had a serious boyfriend until I was 19, and my first kiss doesn’t even know he was my first kiss because I was too embarrassed to tell him    :( 

I believe there is somebody out there for everyone, Tyler and I had so many chances to meet each other before we actually met and got together, like literally a TON of chances for years before we knew each other and fate just had us meet when we both needed one another most. Take your time, and don’t rush it, everything will fall into place. You’re perfect just the way you are. There is a wonderful person out there for you, you just haven’t met each other yet.

xo Annie

jembrokeme asked: HI! love the blog! i need some advice! Im 5'2 and 170 pounds, so im short and chubby, and im dating a very tall VERY skinny/boney boy. i feel like he is constantly assuring me that he likes me and that he finds me sexy, and i do feel that he does like me. but i dont like myself enough, and i dont find myself sexy so i just cant believe him. He wants to have sex for the first time, and i do too, but im just scared i will disappoint. advice on building confidence for the first time? thanks!

Just know the first time is never good, like literally never, haha. So don’t expect fireworks and all that hubbub you see in movies because it is far from perfect. The first time is always awkward and it’s really nerve racking getting naked in front of another so just have fun and take it slow. It’s always best when it comes naturally and isn’t planned, that way there is no pressure.

Make sure you are at ease, if you do have to plan it make sure you two are comfortable in whatever place you choose to have this momentous occasion, and wear something you feel good in! If that’s jeans and a baggy tee then wear that, or if you feel at your best in some sexy lingerie then go with that! Whatever or however you want to do it please be safe, use a condom NO MATTER WHAT!!! and if the situation makes you at all uncomfortable, stop. If you feel coerced, stop. 

There is no real way to prepare yourself for this all you have to do is wing it, sorry if that’s shitty advice but that’s all I got. Have fun and once more, BE SAFE!

xo Annie