Confessions Of A Fat Girl Dating A Skinny Guy

This blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations I have, and will face, being a fat girl dating a skinny guy.

After two months of being AWOL, Annie and I now have internet! We will be able to answer messages in our inbox now, so feel free to send us some (we will be catching up with the messages currently in our inbox as well)

- Tyler

Anonymous asked: Hey so I'm a junior in high school and I have it pretty bad for this boy who weighs quite a bit less than me. I'm don't think he feels the same about me as he treats me the same way he treats his other friends and I can't help thinking that it's because of my weight. I worry that people in general will never think of me romantically or sexually because of my weight. It doesn't help that his ex is skinny and beautiful and a lot of other girls are also into him. Any advice?

Some guys aren’t really aware of when a gal likes them. Some are down right clueless of the fact actually! When I was in high school I got some of the best advice from a woman I looked up to on letting a guy know I liked him, I was worried that being a woman I couldn’t ask a guy out, that I had to wait for him. She let me know that all the guys she had ever been in a relationship with she had to ask out herself because they were either clueless to the fact that she liked them or they didn’t see her as more of a friend until she made her feelings known. 

There are plenty of larger beautiful woman in the world so just because you are bigger or overweight doesn’t make you any less gorgeous or attractive to the opposite sex. Dress in a way that makes you feel confidant and make your move! the worst that can happen is you get shot down. Test the waters first by flirting and see how he reacts in case you’re nervous. And if he reacts positively well then little lady, you know what to do ;)

xo Annie

Anonymous asked: Hi I'm 17 and I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me back. He could just be really nice to me and stuff or he does kinda like me, but I'm not sure. He's sweet by letting me go firsts in line to lunch, he walks with me to class (halfway though, because our classes are far apart). He also laughs at the most dumbest things I say, even if they aren't that funny to me and probably don't make any sense. Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm 100 pounds heavier than him. Advice? I'm clueless.

What I always used to do in middle and high school when I was interested in a fella but wasn’t 100% positive that he liked me back is ask him if he had a crush on someone. You’re showing interest in him and his personal life so it should be a big hint to him that you are then interested in him in more than a friend way. Or if he says no and asks if you like someone tell him that you do! And let him know it’s him. Either way, let him know how you feel! You lose nothing from letting him know how you feel and you could lose out on something good.

xoxo Annie

Enjoying our last proper night in Los Angeles together

anerdandhisaddictions asked: Hi! , I'm a 25 year old guy, I am a string bean, No really, Iam 6'1 and just shy of 150 lbs. Now, I mention this because it plays in to my issue. A lot of the girls I find myself attracted to are usually a bit thicker than most, some are for all I know overweight. So my ISSUE is these are amazing ladies who more times than not feel like they aren't good enough to date me (Quite the opposite), So how do you tell them "If wasn't interested in dating you I wouldn't be messing with you", Nicely

Why not begin by saying that same thing? Obviously you’re messing around with them because you find them attractive. If you want to pursue a relationship with them, let them know what you like about them, whether it be their smile, curves, personality, or any number of things. Let them know that you don’t just like their mind, but also their body!

Anyways, from the look of it, you’re with a lovely lady now, and that’s all that matters. We sincerely apologize for taking so long in replying to this, but our inbox is swamped! :(

xo, Tyler & Annie

elcaminoalyo asked: Hey. You two are so cool. I'm 17 and curvy and here in my country (Dominican Republic) are very closed mind about dating chubby girls, or maybe i'm just too insecure like the other girls but, i've flirt a lot with guys and never NEVER take it to the next level... I mean i've never been kissed or in a relationship! And it's not because guys don't like me, is because of me! I'm too scared and embarrassed, i think they should be with other lady more beautiful than me :/

Estas loca! Men, obviously, find you attractive if they flirt with you back and kiss your face, and you even state that you’re the only thing holding you back. Stop it, and accept the love that you know you deserve!

xo, Annie

andywankenobi asked: I just stumbled upon this, and if only i came across this sooner, but i well I think its best that i learned all on my own. that no matter how big i am, someone that is smaller could love me. i've been dating the man of my dreams for almost a year now, i never had the courage to flirt with him, let alone talk to him, because like everyone else. i figured he would judge me by my size and someone like him could never love me. i was very very wrong. Thank you for inspiring others ^_^

See, everyone?! Dreams do come true! The evidence is in that you should not let your size even begin to determine who you should or shouldn’t see.

xoxo, Annie & Tyler

Anonymous asked: I'm a big girl. I have never been in a relationship before. Guys just don't seem interested in me. My self-esteem has really improved from before and I thought confidence is key, but nothing has changed. And I know that I don't need a guy to be happy, but seeing my friends (who are mostly skinny) throw relationships like how they change their clothes, it's sad. Any advice?

Tyler: Some people just aren’t appreciate of their relationships when they’re in them.

Annie: I found that a lot of men have trouble approaching larger women in public… the reason why, I don’t know, but in my experience, the best way to meet men (if that’s what you want to do), would be to try online dating sites. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to my friends if I were you, in this case what’s good for them might not be what’s good for you.

xoxo Tyler & Annie

berrymayonaisekittylamp asked: This blog is.. AMAZING. I've only dated two guys (Im about to be 16.) And there both, on the smaller side. Short too, but not shorter then me. I've found myself inLOVEE with my current boyfriend. He's sweeted then sugar :) He makes me less insecure. But.. when we're together and stuff.. he asks me to be on top of him when we kiss.. how do I get past that? I'm afraid I'll like turn him into a pancake? D: he says I wont.. but.. ya know.. probs.. :(

You won’t! I’m sure that he loves the feeling of your body on top of him, or else he wouldn’t ask! I know that Tyler likes the feeling of my weight on him, and it takes a lot to turn someone into a pancake (it just might leave him breathless ;D )

xo Annie

suptoast asked: do you ever have trouble with being on top during sex? my boyfriend is the equivalent of a size like 2.. like he's 6'2" 150 pounds.. i'm a 14/16 and i literally cannot feel a damn thing when i'm on top and I don't think he does either. Any other position is fine.. but I miss being able to ride my man.

I’ve never necessarily had a problem being on top, but it did take Tyler and I a few months to “figure out” out how to do it correctly. I know that Tyler really likes it, but I personally prefer some other positions where, for lack of a better term, I can get penetrated deeper. Men usually like a woman to be on top because it’s visually arousing to see all of your womanly bits in front of him.

One thing you can try is, instead of bouncing up and down, go front to back rubbing yourself against his mound while he’s penetrating you, that way you can get some clitoral action going and it’s more enjoyable for you. :)

xo Annie